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Stock News

 keep track of the latest financial news with the following free websites:

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Yahoo Finance is one of the largest business and financial news platform in the world. It includes relevant news articles from other journals and has live data, screeners and personal finance tips.

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CNBC is a major news provider in the US. It covers market, business and political news through its website, TV program and youtube channel. Over the years it has made a strong reputation for itself in the world of finance and often reaches out to leaders in the industry for insights and market analysis.

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The Motley Fool covers basic financial headlines and focuses more on helping beginner investors. It will provide you with basic investing knowledge ranging from finance jargon to finding a suitable broker. 

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Seeking Alpha is used by many retail investors and analysts to critically assess the valuation of particular stocks. It provides a range of metrics which will be usefull to better assess your investments.

An interesting feature of this website is its investing podcasts which give you a quick update on the market.

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